Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Rutherfurd-Markwick KJ and Ali A (2016). Caffeine use in the 21st century: A review. Jacobs Journal of Food and Nutrition 3(1): 023
  • Ali A, Yoo M, Moss C and Breier BH (2016). Carbohydrate ingestion improves exercise performance but mouth rinsing has no effect. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 13: 19
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Book / Chapter in Book

  • Stannard SR, Ali A, Barnes MJ, Burns M, Foskett A and Hodges LD (2011). Sport and Alcohol – Finding the Balance. School of Sport and Exercise, Palmerston North (New Zealand), pp 1-278.
  • Williams C, Ali A and McGregor SJ (2005). Factors affecting performance: Nutrition. In,Football and Sports Medicine: Caring for the Soccer Athlete Worldwide (edited by J Dvorak and DT Kirkendall). The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Rosemont, IL, pp 97-106
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Published Abstract in Conference Proceedings

  • Ali A, Moss C, Yoo MJY and Breier BH (2012). Effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse and/or ingestion on high-intensity exercise performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 44(5): S421
  • Ali A, Creasy R and Edge J (2010). Physiological effects of wearing graduated compression stockings during running. Phlebology Digest 23: 20-21
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Conference Presentations

  • Ali A, O’Donnell J, Foskett A, von Hurst P, Holland S, Starck C and Rutherfurd-Markwick K. Effect of Caffeine Supplementation on Metabolism and Physical and Cognitive Function in Female Intermittent Games Players. European College of Sports Science Congress, Malmo (Sweden) 2015.
  • Ali A. To ingest carbohydrates or not to ingest carbohydrates, that is the question! Dietitians New Zealand, National Conference, Wellington 2012
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