Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Lee DCW, Khaw K, Lee SWY, Ali A, Sheridan SE and Wong SHS (2018). Haemodynamic responses of wearing low-pressure sports compression tights during an orthostatic challenge in healthy individuals. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.
  • Southward K, Rutherfurd-Markwick KJ and Ali A (2018). The effect of acute caffeine ingestion on endurance performance: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports Medicine.
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Book / Chapter in Book

  • Ali A, Lee SJ and Rutherfurd-Markwick KJ (2018). Whey protein for sports and exercise (Chapter 16, pp 579-636). In Whey Proteins: From Milk to Medicine, edited by Hilton Deeth and Nidhi Bansal. Elsevier Publishers
  • Stannard SR, Ali A, Barnes MJ, Burns M, Foskett A and Hodges LD (2011). Sport and Alcohol – Finding the Balance. School of Sport and Exercise, Palmerston North (New Zealand), pp 1-278.
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Published Abstract in Conference Proceedings

  • Lee DCW, Khaw KS, Lee SWY, Ali A, O’Reilly J and Wong SHS (2017). Wearing Compression Garment Enhances Cardiac Efficiency from Supine to Head Up Tilt. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 48(5S Suppl 1):1039
  • Ali A, Moss C, Yoo MJY and Breier BH (2012). Effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse and/or ingestion on high-intensity exercise performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 44(5): S421
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Conference Presentations

  • Ali A, Stanaway L, Page RA, Rutherfurd-Markwick K. The effects of a nitrate-rich vegetable beverage on cognition, mood and cardiovascular responses in younger and older adults. European College of Sports Science Congress, Dublin (Ireland), 2018
  • Ali A, Wivell A, Walsh D and Foskett A. Monitoring acute fatigue in soccer players. European College of Sports Science Congress, Essen (Germany) 2017
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