PhD Students – Current

1. Stacey Kung (2015-) The determinants of gait transitions in normal weight and obese children

Supervisors: Dr Sarah Shultz, Prof Stephen Legg, Dr Phil Fink, Dr Ajmol Ali

2. Luke Stanaway (2017-) The effect of nitrate supplementation on cardiovascular health, exercise performance, cognition and mood in younger and older adults

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali, Assoc Prof Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick, Assoc Prof Rachel Page

3. Kyle Southward (2017-) The effect of genetics on physical, mental and perceptual responses to caffeine supplementation.

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol AliAssoc Prof Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

PhD Students – Completed

1. Jasmine Thomson (2010) Effect of Leucine-Protein High-Carbohydrate Post-Exercise Nutrition on Subsequent Performance and the Protein Regulated Genomic and signalling Events Governing Adaptive Remodelling

Supervisors: Assoc Prof David Rowlands and Dr Ajmol Ali

2. Christine Crooks (2007) The Effect of Bovine Colostrum Supplementation on Levels of Secretory Immunoglobulin-A (S-IgA) in Saliva of Elite Athletes, Non-Exercising Controls and Non-Exercising Older Adults

Supervisors: Dr Clare Wall, Dr Frank Cross, Dr Ajmol Ali and Prof Marlena Kruger

Masters’ Students – Current

1. Rebecca Tennent (2017-) The effects of genetics on caffeine metabolism in New Zealand adults

Supervisors:  Assoc Prof Kay Rutherfurd-MarkwickAssoc Prof Carol WhamDr Ajmol Ali

2. Sophie Turner (2017-) An investigation into the caffeine consumption habits, motivations and experiences of New Zealand secondary school students

Supervisors: Supervisors:  Assoc Prof Kay Rutherfurd-MarkwickAssoc Prof Carol WhamDr Ajmol Ali

3. Baron de Villiers (2017-) Nutrition knowledge and physical activity associations in independently living older adults

Supervisors:  Assoc Prof Carol WhamDr Ajmol Ali

4. Jeanette Rapson (2016-) Physical education and nutrition in early childhood

Supervisors: Dr Cathryn Conlon and Dr Ajmol Ali

5. Kirsty Yallop (2016-) Physiology and performance in women’s rugby sevens

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Foskett and Dr Ajmol Ali

Masters’ Students – Completed

1. Saskia Stachyshyn (2017) Caffeine consumption habits in tertiary students

Supervisors: Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick, Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Carol Wham

2. Aidan Wivell (2017) Monitoring fatigue and readiness to train in footballers

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Foskett and Dr Ajmol Ali

3. Kyle Southward (2017) The genetic effects of caffeine ingestion on exercise performance, mood, sleep and immune function in male athletes.

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

4. Andrew Lenton (2016) Retiring Athletes: When the Spotlight Dims

Supervisors: Dr Trish Bradbury, Assoc Prof Janet SayersDr Ajmol Ali and Warrick Wood

5. Karli Rowe (2016) Why do we use caffeine? The development of a questionnaire to examine reasons and patterns of caffeine intake in New Zealand adults.

Supervisors: Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick, Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Carol Wham

6. Tejal Kolte (2014) Development of an acceptable, stable and safe nitrate-rich vegetable juice beverage

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Marie WongDr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick and Dr Ajmol Ali

7. Vivian Ye Jee Lee (2013) Effect of carbohydrate ingestion  during ‘spin’ classes on health and fitness parameters, quality of life and mood in recreational exercisers – ‘Happy Carb Study’

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

8. Deborah Pigou (2013) Child-centred physical activity: Effect on motor skill development in toddlers

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Prof Claire McLachlan

9. Christopher Lynch (2013) Pacing strategy and exercise tolerance in rowing

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Foskett and Dr Ajmol Ali

10. Jemma O’Donnell (2012) Effect of caffeine supplementation on metabolism and physical and cognitive function in female intermittent games players

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

11. Catherine Moss (2011) The effect of mouth rinse and ingestion of carbohydrate solution on short intensive exercise – How can we explain the increase in exercise performance?

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Prof Bernhard Breier

12. Alexander Carrasco (2008) Effects of exercise-induced dehydration on cognitive ability, muscular endurance and surfing performance

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Andrew Foskett

13. Rachael Gardiner (2008) Fluid balance and thermoregulation in female soccer players

Supervisors: Dr Nicholas Gant and Dr Ajmol Ali

14. Robert Creasy (2008) Performance, physiological and perceptual effects of wearing graduated compression stockings during running

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Johann Edge

15. Susan Buxton (2004) Dietary practices, attitudes and nutritional knowledge of Auckland club rugby players

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali

Honours’ Students – Current

1. Reilly O’Meagher (2017-) The effect of different playing surfaces on soccer skill and sprint performance

Supervisor: Dr Ajmol Ali

Honours’ Students – Completed

1. Luke Stanaway (2017) The effects of beetroot juice intake with breakfast on cognition, mood and cardiovascular responses in younger and older adults.

Supervisors: Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

2. Daniel Gordon (2017) Beverages consumed by 11-14 year old New Zealand athletes before, during and after sport

Supervisors:  Dr Ajmol Ali and Dr Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

3. Aidan Wivell (2015) Sports nutrition education: The effect of session length

Supervisor: Dr Ajmol Ali

4. Andrew Lenton (2014) Is there an adequate supply of nutritional information for basketball athletes to support their transition from high school to age-group representative and national level?

Supervisor:  Dr Ajmol Ali

5. Naser Naser (2014) A Descriptive-Comparative Study of Performance Characteristics in Futsal Players of Different Levels

Supervisor:  Dr Ajmol Ali

6. Debbie Pigou (2011) Child-centred physical activity: Effect on motor skill development in infants

Supervisors:  Dr Ajmol Ali