Major Leader – BSc Exercise and Sport Science (Albany Campus)

Postgraduate Coordinator – Exercise and Sport Science (Albany Campus)

Director – Centre for Metabolic Health Research (CMHR)


Massey University Human Ethics Committee (MUHEC Northern)

Science Programmes Committee


Beverage Lab

The Beverage Lab is a team of professionals from the food industry, School of Food and Nutrition  and School of Sport and Exercise who have come together to create innovative beverage concepts for the global market.

Mission: Facilitating research in health, wellness and performance beverages through academic enterprise and student engagement.

College of Health Practice Centre (under development)

Mission: To develop a model for financially self-sufficient and sustainable health and wellness clinics that can offer an integrated quality service to the public, and is underpinned with the core business of Massey University of teaching and research.

Sport Science Support

Delivered support to football (soccer), rugby, basketball, hockey, rugby league and AFL teams. Please contact me to discuss details and opportunities.