Exercise for Children

  • Physical education in early childhood (PEECh)
  • Beverage intake in young New Zealand children playing competitive sport
  • The determinants of gait transitions in normal weight and obese children
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Soccer and Team Sports

  • The relationship between daily fatigue measures and performance in soccer players
  • Relationship between on-field and off-field soccer passing performance
  • The effect of different surfaces on soccer skill and sprint performance
  • Effects of fluid, electrolyte and carbohydrate ingestion on soccer performance in acclimatised players
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Sports Nutrition

  • Effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on performance, metabolism and perceptual responses during endurance cycling
  • Carbohydrate ingestion and feel-good responses in recreational exercisers
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Exercise & Health

  • Evaluation of Southern Cross Switch2Well programme
  • Comparison of electrolyte levels and immune function markers in saliva, sweat, urine and/or plasma in resting and exercising humans
  • Beetroot juice supplementation and cardiovascular responses and metabolism in young and old men and women
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  • Development of CaffCo – caffeine consumption habits questionnaire
  • Caffeine consumption habits in tertiary students
  • Caffeine consumption habits in recreational and competitive athletes
  • Effect of genetics and caffeine consumption on metabolism, performance and cognition in athletes
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Compression Garments

  • Compression garments and performance in triathlon
  • Hemodynamic responses to wearing compression garments
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